Santa Clara

<p>Does anybody know anything about the business school? How is it regarded? Profs, clases, ect? I would think that internships/job opportuinties should be preaty good considering the ammount of high tech and investment companies located in menlo park and the area?</p>

<p>Is Santa Clara overly catholic? Do you have to go to church ect, I am jewish and dont mind one or two religion classes but dont want to have to go to church?</p>

<p>Is SCU similar to USD? I visted there and though the campus was beautiful but it felt a little small, not sure if thats somthing I want or not yet? Whats th student population like? Is it similar to USD? Or more along the lines of UCLA/Berkley?</p>


<p>from what ive heard you are not forced to take any of the religilous classes.</p>

<p>3 theology courses are required in their core, any 3 including ethics, comparative religions or courses on non-christian belief systems.</p>

<p>The business school is very highly regarded for MBA's and a lot of the profs for that also teach the undergrads. Levy school of business is also slated to get a new building. The library is being replaced starting this summer.The levy bus school should be easy to get more info on. Also the admissions counselor my son spoke to offered the business school phone number so he could talk to them directly. He's going to the arts and sciences college for an econ degree. One of his friends was admitted to the business school and sons impression of him is he's one of the top students in the high school. Their high school is ranked in the top 4 or 5 schools in the state.The school,SCU, is a humanist school, ie they don't preach religion at you. Its not like a the Bob Jones type school. They focus more on a sense of community and helping others in a local and global sense. </p>

<p>A good size chunk of the silicon valley business community went to school there. The school is pretty proud of that program. On a personal note my husband loved his MBA classes there, his boss loved it there( Levy business degree in finance) and he just left his position at a large semi company and recommended a fellow SCU bus. degree grad for his job. He got it. Loyalty is good there too.</p>