Santa Monica College people...quick question about summer classes

<p>do you have to register first before you can see how many seats are remaining in the summer classes?</p>

<p>SMC enrollment doesn't allow you to see how many seats are open- you only get to see if a class is OPEN or CLOSED. Also, there is no waitlisting, so you should plan out your schedule ahead of time and make sure to add the classes/teachers you want before they get closed.</p>

<p>I see, so do u have to be a registered student to see whats open? The online class schedules im looking @ aren't 'live', it's just a catalog.</p>

<p>So...............cross my fingers.........are there any "Plane Geometry" (the PreCalculus prereq) classes open?</p>

<p>^ Same question. How do I see which classes are open and which aren't?</p>

<p>You can use this link to find any classes that are open or closed (you don't have to be a registered SMC student):</p>

<p>Online</a> Class List</p>

<p>I did a check for you on Math 32 (Plane Geometry) and unfortunately, all the classes are closed. You can check it out for yourself (the list of math courses are long, so make sure to check the second page of the list for Math 32). Good luck.</p>

<p>thanks............what are my chances if i petition?</p>

<p>You can't petition to enroll in a class... Your best bet now is to try crashing.</p>

<p>you mean crash for the placement test to place in Precalc?</p>


<p>Petition? Placement test? Precalc?</p>

<p>You need to explain your situation more clearly in order for us to give you more useful information.</p>

<p>Have you not taken the math placement test yet.....?</p>

<p>When I say crash, I mean go on the first day of the class, talk to the professor, and ask for an add code. You won't always have good luck, but it doesn't hurt to try.</p>

<p>okay well i want to get in Plane Geometry (equivalent to Trigonometry @ the college im attending now) because I want to be able in Precalculus next fall, because Plane Geometry is a prerequisite. i was originally going to do this at Irvine Valley College (where i had already registered for the class) but i'm moving short-notice to Los Angeles. so im scrambling to find a school in LA that has an open Plane Geometry class.</p>

<p>by petition i mean if you get petition for a spot in the class. Irvine lets you do this; if someone doesn't show up the first day they're dropped and a petitioner may take their spot.</p>

<p>And if worse comes to worse, I might try to crash and study for the math placement test so i can place into Precalculus by self-studying instead of taking the prereq classes, like the other guy said.</p>


<p>yeah thats what i meant by petitioning; that's what "petitioning" means at the college I go to now.....just show up and ask the professor, its not a formal thing.</p>

<p>Ok, that makes things easier for me to explain now.</p>

<p>You have a few options:</p>

<li><p>Apply for admission to SMC, and crash at any or all four of the Math 33 classes being offered during summer. SMC doesn't have any "waitlist" or "petition to enroll" system- we're very much the cut-throat "crash for classes the first week" type when it comes to full classes. Typical popular classes usually herd crashers that are at least a whole classroom size or twice three times larger, so don't expect a stroll in the park towards a crashing success because there will be 15-60 other people trying just as hard to add in. Teachers use different methods for selecting new add-ins to replace the no-shows or droppers. The most widely used method are random selections; few rarely do "first come, first serve" picks. Sob stories are ineffective. You have a slim chance of successfully being added this way, but if you're lucky, you just might make it.</p></li>
<li><p>Apply for admission to SMC, and then take the math placement test. If you know your Trig, then you should at least get qualified to take Math 2 (which is precalc at SMC). Only after you've been qualified for Math 2 can you attempt to enroll in it, so you MUST take the test first. Of course, you would need to do this quickly as Math 2 is another popular class, and despite there being many open classes right now, the incoming freshmen group will start taking their placement tests after HS and quickly fill in those seats. I think Math 2 classes rarely all close, but you'll definitely be forced to choose between the ****ty professors come the beginning of summer, so you wouldn't want to be left in that situation either.</p></li>
<li><p>(The last resort and the one you should always keep active.) Apply for admission to SMC. Constantly check the schedule roster for openings. Some people, usually the international students, will get dropped for not paying their tuition fees. If you get lucky and catch the system in a phase when they drop these people, you'll be able to add in. This is the most unreliable way to add classes (hell, you have a better chance at crashing), but you should keep your eyes open while trying to work out the first two options. HOWEVER, seeing that most international students seem to be good at math and usually place directly into Math 2, there might be a higher resistance to students getting dropped that are taking Math 33 (since most Math 33 students are locals, and locals have until after the semester starts to start paying tuition).</p></li>

<p>These are the only options I can think about for your case. You might want to look into other local jc's for better chances, but as far as SMC goes, this is pretty much it.</p>

<p>Thanks man that helped alot. I'm gonna go ahead and try to "crash" since classes start Monday. One question tho, where are the rooms LA ###/LS ### located? Are those off campus locations?</p>

<p>And I don't have an official grade for intermediate algebra since I JUST finished finals, will this be a

<p>*** even most of the fall classes are FULL ***</p>

<p>Is it easy to get into Philosophy 1 on the first day of summer classes @ smc? I need the class because it's a pre req and my school doesn't offer it in the summer. I had a bad appointment time because i am a new student and by the time i got to sign up both sections were already full.</p>

<p>Any (Subject) 1 class is really popular, so your chances will be very slim (<5% chance to add; may be slightly higher with a known crappy professor). You're more than welcome to try, but there are no guarantees. refer to my previous post about how rigorous the add process will be. And yeah, no need to work on a sob story because that will have no effect. Good luck.</p>

<p>thanks. Is it this tough to add closed classes only at smc? Because pierce and valley college are relatively easy to add closed classes.</p>

<p>i just sent an email to a professor asking if he could add me to a Plane Geometry class. what are my chances</p>


<p>Yes. Numbers may vary, but it's not a breeze trying to add classes at a CCC as competitive as SMC (competitive not academically, but by pure population). Your chances of adding in the class mid-way through the semester (when students start dropping after the first exam) are higher than if you tried on the first few days.</p>