Santa Rosa/Gym

<p>I chose Santa Rosa as my first dorm choice because it said it has its own gym in there. I also put "Wellness" for my top LLC. I'm not in the best shape in the world, but I plan on changing that once I get to ucsb. Does anyone know if the gym in Santa Rosa is good or not ? Also, is the main gym accessible ? Or is it always super crowded ? Thanks ! =]</p>

<p>i also put santa rosa with the wellness floor as my first choice! maybe we'll be near each other!</p>

<p>Santa Rosa Gym is small 1 treadmill, 2 ellipticals, a bike, stair stepper and a full body apparatus. The San Nic gym is way better more spaced out and cleaner. The Rec Center gym is great and usually isn't crowed except around New Years when tons of people make goals to lose weight but then after a month the crowd dies down.</p>

<p>I live in Anacapa and always use the Santa Rosa gym when the Rec Center is closed and I need a late night workout!</p>