SAP Appeal Letter

So I am finally in a position to go back to my local community college but I have to appeal to get my financial aid back and I am really worried about my letter. I am trying to track down old work schedules and stuff to support my letter but I need some feedback. Thanks

Dear Financial Aid Appeals Committee:
My name is , and I have been a student here at the college since September 2009. I can think of multiple reasons as to why I was academically dismissed, but I really hate to put the blame on anything/anyone; but myself. My first mistake was choosing work over school, which is a major mistake for a vast majority of students. Although I was putting as much effort as I could with my available time, it wasn’t enough to succeed. College takes twice as much work and you have to give twice as much effort. I went through a long and prolonged battle with child support with her father. The long battle took toll on my emotional stability while I was attending school. I had the support of my grandparents and family of me pursuing my education. I also was struggling financially and had started a new job very eager to support myself and also pay any student loans that would support my education at __________ College. I thought that dropping a few classes would help to alleviate some of the stress, but failed to realize that this would just damage my future transcript. I have looked at my unofficial transcript multiple times, only to feel distraught and angered with myself.

However, over the last few months, things in my life have improved significantly to allow me to position myself to again become a successful student here at the college. Before the spring of 2011, when my financial aid was terminated, I was struggling with balancing school and work as well as my responsibilities as a mother. But with time, and learning of the different resources and tools available to me, I was able to recently learn to balance a work life, parenting, and now school.
Since the Fall of 2014, I have begun a new position in a company where my hours are flexible and my child is now of school age where I can successfully dedicate time to study and further my education. Although I am still angered with my past decisions, I believe my future decisions are promising.

I would like to address certain changes in my life that will allow me to reach SAP standards in future semesters. I am now only working stable and more flexible hours and have a job where my school schedule is worked around. I have an agenda, which may sound like a very little aspect when attending school, but I use it for practically everything. My agenda gives me the ability to keep track of class times, homework, appointments, etc. I have learned how to utilize many college resources including tutoring services, the library, supplemental instruction, professor office hours, and communicating with social services, etc. I have also managed to talk to my academic advisor at least twice a month, which really helps with adjusting to school. I plan to carry each of these resources with me and utilize them to the fullest during my schooling.

My GPA as of right now is a 1.4, but with determination and hard work I can raise my GPA to a 2.0 after one semester. I will be able to take at least 3 classes during the semester, which is what I have can handle after evaluating my flexible work schedule, my daughters school schedule, and putting into consideration my study time needed to pass my classes.
I sincerely hope that this appeal shows that I am dedicated to being a successful student here at the college. Please do not use only my past as a barometer for my success in the future. There have been many steps done over the last year to ensure my success going forward. I firmly believe that I am truly deserving of the lifting of my financial aid suspension. Having federal financial aid is a very important component needed to complete this process successfully. As a low income single mother, education is a valuable tool and will definitely help me with personal progress. My grades will have to be at least solid B’s, which is manageable if I believe in myself.