Sarah Lawrence College Class of 2025!

Hey all! I figured I would make a SLC thread since I didn’t see any for the class of 2025 yet. Would love to meet prospective students! Although SLC is pretty safe for me, it is one of my top choices. I wanted to make a space where we can support each other during this crazy process, so feel free to share anything!

D applied EA, thinking we will hopefully hear something in the next couple of weeks.

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Nice! Wishing your daughter all the best of luck! I am applying RD.

I checked my portal today and noticed that the financial aid checklist is now asking me to fill out the “Annual Student Loan Acknowledgement.” Did that happen to anyone else?

I haven’t applied yet, so I can’t say…

Anyone hear good news? My DD was accepted with good financial package. I don’t think she expected it and was really quite happy.


Congrats!!! Looking forward to applying RD!

D accepted yesterday with Presidential Scholarship! Very excited!


Congrats!! :slight_smile:

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I applied Early Action and received my acceptance last week! I wish I could visit campus to meet my potential future classmates in person, but this site seems like a cool way to talk to people as well. Has anyone else been able to visit yet? I’d love to get a better idea of what the SLC campus/community is really like. Also, congrats to everyone else who got accepted, and good luck to everyone applying RD!

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Congratulations!! I got to visit the campus (though during last school year during COVID, so no students on it). It’s gorgeous!!! I personally love it, it has a gothic feel to it, and it really is immersed in nature which is pretty cool IMO! Definitely one of the couple (out of the 8-9 schools I visited)that just felt RIGHT to me as I walked on campus! Applying RD and hoping for the best :slight_smile:

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Cool, thanks! I really like nature too (and I’m thinking about studying biology), so that definitely sounds nice to me. I’ll try to visit once the COVID restrictions lighten up a bit. And good luck with your application! :slight_smile:


Awesome! And thanks!

My D applied and was accepted in Biology! Will keep you posted if she decides to attend. We are visiting in 2 weeks.

Yay! Yes keep us posted! It’s a beautiful campus!

That’s amazing, congrats to your daughter on her acceptance! I didn’t realize the campus open to visitors now, so I’ll have to schedule a tour soon as well. I’m also attending the virtual admitted students day on Saturday, which seems like a great opportunity to learn more about Sarah Lawrence! Did your daughter receive an invitation to that as well?

She is going to virtual admitted students day! We aren’t doing a formal tour, just driving down to see it. Not sure if it’s open. We know someone who is a student there so we’re going to walk around a bit.

I just checked the website, and unfortunately they don’t have campus tours open right now. It’s great that you’ll still get to see the campus though! It looks really nice in pictures, but there’s just something different about experiencing a campus in person. And maybe I’ll see your daughter at admitted students day! It would be great to meet her, especially since we’re potentially going into the same major if we both decide to attend Sarah Lawrence.

Yes! I told her someone from here was a bio major and was going to be on for accepted students day, she will look out for another female bio major.

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What did you think of accepted students day? Our visit went well. D loves the school. After talking to some people she also feels confident that her science education will be solid there and she will be a competitive candidate should she choose to go to professional school.