Sarah Lawrence College Class of 2025!

Makes sense. Everyone that I’ve talked to who goes or went to SLC loves/loved it there!! It’s a wonderful school and it has a great campus environment! Still in my top 3!

Does anyone know if we can self tour the campus? I know no in person tours are being scheduled but wondering if campus is open enough that walking around is allowed? Or will we be stopped?

Or maybe we can drive through campus?

Are all entrances gated? Thanks

I am pretty sure that Sarah Lawrence is allowing self-touring, but don’t quote me. I would recommend emailing your admissions rep!

Hey everyone! I’m really torn about Sarah Lawrence - confident about the academics and freedom offered for a self-motivated student who does not want to be put into a box or confined to a major, but struggling w/ social piece. Have heard it could be a very lonely and socially isolating place where fellow students are cynical and sometimes do not acknowledge each other in the dorms or around campus. If anyone has info on this, pls weigh in. Visiting did not help. Tour guide great but did not see many other students and interacted with no other students. Reps in chats seem helpful but I imagine they would be because they volunteering for this campus job.

thanks. Yes, self touring (walking) is allowed and if you check in at security gate they will tell you where to park.

Hey, did anyone else appeal financial aid at Sarah Lawrence or know anything about that process? SLC is my top choice but offered less merit aid than most of the other schools I got into (Oberlin, University of Rochester, Emerson and The New School).