Sarah Lawrence Syndrome

<p>To anyone who knows anything more than I do about the Sarah Lawrence College admissions process:</p>

<p>I am a high school senior who applied ED to Sarah Lawrence College in November. Before, during, and now at the end of the application process, I have heard nothing from SLC. All of my regular decision school send me emails reminding me of important dates ect., but with Sarah Lawrence, my top choice, there is nothing. Of course, this is part of what I love about Sarah Lawrence; the feeling that is it somewhere so far away from the world of every other college. However, on the other hand, I would really like to know if my application credentials reached the school on time, and if there were any complications with my application. I sent an email to the school, but they never responded. And, the only piece of mail they sent me was asking me to come and visit the school, when I already visited, and interviewed, almost two months ago. And now, I am so worried about my application that I have created a College Confidential account and I am writing in cyber space, two things I never do, just to ease my mind. Oh, Sarah Lawrence, why do I feel like you're my boyfriend and you're breaking up with me?

<p>My son didn't get 'reminder' emails but he certainly received acknowledgements that his stuff had been received by SLC. I would call. I'm glad that you're keen on SLC but administrative disorganization is inexcusable and I'm sorry you're feeling so stressed. I'm sending lots of good thoughts your way.</p>

<p>I'm in the same exact situation. (And THANK YOU for posting this and reassuring me that I'm not the only one!) I submitted everything in late October for ED but have yet to hear anything at all back from SLC. If you do call or get an answer to your email, please let me know what they say! In the meantime, I'll be staking out at the mailbox and just hoping that everything went smoothly.</p>

<p>To both of you who have responded: thank you so much! Hearing from you guys has been such a stress reliever for me!
Littemiss30: I will definitely let you know if I get a response to my email, but I am so happy to hear that you are also in the same situation. I hope that everything goes well for you and we see each other next year at SLC!</p>

<p>Littlemiss30: Sarah Lawrence replied to my email!! They said that they have my application and will be sending out decisions soon, so I'm sure that they have yours too!</p>

<p>Thank goodness! Thanks for letting me know. :) Do you know if they're sending out decisions on the 15th or if we should expect them on the 15th? I thought we'd be getting them on the 15th, but it sounds like it might be a day or two later if they haven't sent them out yet (at least for people closer to the west coast).</p>

<p>I am also waiting for the ED notification :(</p>

<p>I got the call today!!! I got in!! Good luck to everyone else!</p>

<p>I was worried about that too! I was planning on calling on thursday if I hadn't heard anything by then, but I got a call today that I have been accepted and that they're sending out my acceptance package! Good luck to everyone!
and congrats cinder!</p>

<p>So I called them and they said they're sending notifications out tomorrow night, so the official packages might come shortly after the 15th. Also, when did they call you guys? I'm literally freaking out because I haven't received a call yet. D: (And if they did call, I'd probably still be freaking out.) </p>

<p>On another note, major congrats to you guys who have for sure gotten in!</p>

<p>I'm freaking out now too! Did they call your home phone or your cell phone? And do you think they would call no matter what the decision?</p>

<p>I cannot tell you guys how glad I am that this forum suddenly came to life, except for now I can't stop refreshing it. </p>

<p>annatheresa - I'm wondering if it's possible that they're breaking up the phone calls over a few days. Is your last name toward the end of the alphabet? Mine is, so I'm trying to convince myself that they're going in alphabetical order. (Fingers crossed!) The office of admissions is closed now, so I doubt they're going to be making more calls today anyway.</p>

<p>They called my cell phone, but I wouldn't be concerned. Did either of you interview with anyone? Because the woman I interviewed with called me just to personally congratulate me, so don't worry!</p>

<p>I am so glad that this forum is here, otherwise I would be dying! Also, I agree with you littlemiss30, they must be doing this in pieces. My last name is halfway down the alphabet. I mean, realistically, they couldn't have made all the phone calls in a three hour period.
And congratulations to those of you that got in already!</p>

<p>Has anyone heard anything today?</p>

<p>annatheresa - Yes! There's good news! I found out that only some of the admissions counselors call. It just depends in what state you live and who your reader is. When I called to make sure that they had my application and to ask about the calls, they had my admissions person call me. I'm in!</p>

<p>Best of luck to you. I'm sure your counselor just isn't one who calls, and that you'll get everything in the mail in the next few days. :)</p>

<p>Hey, I don't know if anyone checks this forum anymore, but it's worth a shot. I applied EDII, and I was just wondering if any of the people who got calls would be willing to say what region they live in? I heard that's how the readers are divided up and I want to know if my admissions officer is one that calls. :P I'm super nervous!</p>

<p>I applied to SL EDII as well, and I'm so anxious to hear back! Has anyone received a notification yet?</p>