Sarah Lawrence

<p>Hi, all!</p>

<p>I used to be a pretty avid poster here during my college search process...</p>

<p>Anyway, I applied to 11 schools, got into a few...I'm at my fifth choice, Sarah Lawrence. I was a little bit worried about the insane amount of work I thought I'd have and the extremely limiting girl/guy ratio (it's about 70/30 here)...but I'm happy to say I absolutely love it.</p>

<p>If any prospective students have questions...ask away..</p>

<p>How do you like the tutorial system? Is the intellectual life exciting? How about the drug scene, dorms, and general social life?</p>

<p>"How do you like the tutorial system? Is the intellectual life exciting? How about the drug scene, dorms, and general social life?"</p>

<p>The tutorial system? I assume you're referring to donning? Donning is similar to an advisor system/homeroom in high school. I don't know how the donning system works for upperclassmen, but I know that as a first year student (we don't call them freshmen here) your don is the teacher of your First Year Study class. I am taking psych. Usually what will happen in an FYS class is the teacher will address the group of students to see how they are doing and then go on with the class. With FYS classes, or at least with mine, you meet alone with your don once a week to go over your conference project, which is related to your class but separate from class work.</p>

<p>The intellectual life is exciting. A lot of people are really interested in what they are studying, and most of the people here were the eccentric type in high school so a lot of the times people will just come up with the most ridiculous, most amazing ideas and for some reason they will just make sense.</p>

<p>As for the drug scene, there are substance-free dorms and then there are non-substance free dorms...I personally am "chemically abstinent", so I have chosen to live in a substance-free dorm, but I have heard a lot of drug/alcohol stories (though the actual number of "offenses" is small, since there are very few people who go here). I'm not involved in the drug scene, so I don't know what to tell you.</p>

<p>Dorms vary. I spend most of my time in the first-year dorms seeing as I am a first-year, but this is what I can tell you: SLC has a range of dorms. There are house-style dorms which house a range of folks (i.e. all-grades) and tend to be quite noisy. If SLC had fraternities, these Mead Way houses would be the frats. Hill House is the farthest dorm from campus and it is quiet housing due to the fact that non-SLC-students (i.e. families with cute dogs!) live there. The "old dorms" such as mine tend to be really dusty, but on the upside, they have bigger rooms. I am in a triple, and it is the biggest triple I've seen so far on this campus. The New Dorms are anything but quiet, and the rooms are really small, but more people live there so it's a more-involved social scene. </p>

<p>Speaking of social scene: Friends are not just going to come to you at SLC. You have to go to events, join clubs and once in a while leave the comfort of your room. All of my friends are either in my dorm or involved in theater. Everyone is relatively friendly, but friendship is not served on a platter. You have to talk to people. You don't have to be the type who gets wasted every night (or at all) to be social here. There is less of the class-cliquing that goes on in high school. If you did a show with a junior or a senior, or you're in a club with a sophomore, and you're a freshman, they're not going to totally blow you off if you try to talk to them afterwards. If people know you and you aren't a total tool, you can expect to be generally respected here.</p>

<p>Thanks, Divinebovine. Whence the username, BTW?</p>

<p>I was in a show a few years ago as a gospel singing cow and the name kind of stuck.</p>

<p>I have a question, i've heard it's rather gothic, is this true?</p>

<p>What do you mean?</p>

<p>Gothic in terms of architecture or in terms of people who fit the Goth stereotype?</p>

<p>How are the sciences and foreign languages at Sarah Lawrence? If you had to guess, what colleges are similar to Sarah Lawrence?</p>

<p>I am currently not taking either, so I don't know...sorry!</p>

<p>In terms of similarity, I'd say Bennington is probably the most similar to SLC.</p>

<p>the people! also another rumor i've heard is an unusually high ratio of homosexuals? Is there truth in this?</p>

<p>I was at Sarah Lawrence today, at the open house!</p>

<p> probably saw me if you had brunch roommate and I and our friend Eric were some of the few students that were able to beat the lines at brunch..I was wearing a pink tweed jacket.</p>