SAS question

<p>I took the SAT 1 in March. I want to know how many questions I got wrong in total in each section (writing, reading, math, not 1, 2, 3, 4...), but beyond that I don't really care. Will the score report that I recieve on the 29th automatically tell me how many I got wrong, or do I have to order SAS to find that out?</p>


<p>When I wrote the SAT I in October, while the paper score report only showed me the breakdown of scores (for CR, Writing, and Math), the online report showed how many questions I got wrong in each section (with info like whether it was a "identifying sentence errors" section, or "algebra and functions"), and how many I omitted.</p>

<p>Awesome, thanks. I won't spend the 10 bucks then.</p>