SAT 1 Question help

So I got the Q & A services after taking the May SAT and I’m currently reviewing all the problems I got wrong, some answers I look at the answer and understand how they go there and the small mistake I made but others I have no clue how they got their answer. Can someone explain to me how to get the answer to the following:

The surface area of cube A is 1/4 of the surface area of cube B. The volume of cube A is what fraction of the volume of cube B?

a. 1/4
b. 1/6
c. 1/8
d. 1/12
e. 1/16

Please and thank you

C, 1/8.

Surface area of B is 4 (=2^2) times that of A, so the side length of B is twice that of A. The volume of B is 2^3 = 8 times that of A.

Thank you!!! @MITer94