Sat 1

<p>There is a rumour that stanford really really values the sat 1.
How true is this?</p>

<p>Sure, along with SAT II's, GPA, essays, recs, and EC's. It's the whole package.</p>

<p>What if your ACT is much higher than your SAT. Do you still send your SAT score (In my case I have a 1350 and a 32)?</p>

<p>If you send SAT IIs, they'll get your SAT as well. You can take a risk sending only ACT. It might be worth it if you have a very strong application otherwise.</p>

<p>id say hide that SAT, unless u have some really good sat IIs</p>

<p>That rumor is so not true. Stanford cares the least about SAT scores. If you send SAT IIs, then you must send SAT I. A 1350 is not that bad. What's ur break down?</p>

<p>740M, 610V (not a good balance I know), I have not taken any SAT IIs
ACT: E)28 R)31 M)33 SR)34</p>

<p>SAT2 aren't required by Stanford.</p>

<p>And interviews aren't required by MIT.</p>

<p>^^ He speaks the truth. :)</p>

<p>yeah but you probably SHOULD do what they recommend.. the IIs</p>

<p>Even though ur combined ACT is good, they can still see a weakness in English/Reading. It wont help that much. I suggest send them both.</p>

<p>I have the same SAT score problem DAsh. Did you spend alot of time preparing for the ACT?</p>

<p>no not really, I think that the ACT is simply better geared to my strengths. I seem to struggle with vocab., which accounts for my low verbal on the SAT, but can understand what I read, which is evident in my semi-high Reading and Science scores on the ACT. How are you dealing with this little problem Hot_Ice on your applications?</p>

<p>I think I'm gonna take the ACT as well and take the SAT I one more time in Dec and sent them all in. If my ACT score is really good then they'll overlook the SATs a bit. Did you apply Stanford EA? Are you planning to take any SAT IIs?</p>