SAT 1420 / TOEFL 112, with none Activity, which college to apply?

I organized the application to-do list several months before,

Without an impressive activity list, can I apply to University of California this year?
Should I have a gap year to improve the activity section?

Ok, I hope this is not going to sound too blunt…

Is that just a general list of deadlines, or is it actually a list of colleges you plan to apply to? You have a lot of colleges, and different types of colleges on that list, and they are all reaches for your SAT level (and the fact you are presumably international so out of state for the publics). Hard to tell with no information on grades or your class rank. Do you have safeties at home that you are sure to get into? Are you full pay? What is it you are hoping to get out of going to college in the US? (This latter is asked because some people want to do it for the experience, some because it provides a big boost to job prospects at home, and some are hoping to somehow make it a permanent move to the US.)

Not having any “activities” all through high school and then suddenly adding some during a gap year is not going to do anything to help your applications. Assuming you will be applying blanket to all the UCs, you may get into Riverside or Irvine, but judging from the rest of the colleges on your list I’m assuming you are actually targeting UCLA and Berkeley? If you can be more clear about your goals, and give us some more information about your academics other than just the SAT, you can probably get better advice here.

UCB, UCI and UCSC are test blind this admission cycle. Without knowing what are your grades, high school course rigor, extra curricular activities and how you compare to your fellow HS students, there is no way to determine if you qualify to apply to the UC’s or if you are competitive.

Intended major?

Can you pay $65,000 USD each year to attend? UC’s give little to no financial aid to International students.

You cannot apply early action to all those schools on your list. Some of them are SCEA which means you can only apply to one of them early action. Similarly, you can only apply to one early decision school, as long as you haven’t applied to a SCEA school.

It seems like you don’t really understand the application process and just made a college list for some “best of” list. You have a mix of big school/small schools, urban schools/rural schools, warm climate/cold climate, open curriculum/strict core curriculum. Plus, your user name is “Steve” which implies you are male yet you have Wellesley on your list which is a women’s college.

Check on for an advising center for your country to get info on applying to US colleges.

Thank you! Yes, I do know this principle

yah, that’s made from a general list, which is for all students. I just removed some schools but forgot to delete Wellesley