SAT 1540, do i have chance?

<p>I have all a's during HS but 3 B's in my 10th grade first semester.
wrote two essays for my app, this is my extra activities!</p>

Art club
Environmental club
Spanish club
French club
Student ambassador
Photography club
Class officer
Book club
KYA, Y club
Circle of friends
library volunteer/book club</p>

<p>and my school has high grading scale, is blue ribbon school.</p>

<p>How's your punting under duress? Can you play defensive back? Otherwise not so hot but possible.</p>

<p>I hope you laid out you application better then this update.</p>

<p>Never consider your HS better than most, regardless of accolades it receives. It sounds like your HS is easy for you as you have the grades and plenty of activities. This doesn't mean UW would be easy for you based on your test scores. I would expect you to do better on the standard tests since you seem to have mastered what has been taught in your HS. UW may worry that you would be not able to handle its work. I suggest that you take the ACT- it may relate to your grades more and you may do better with it. AP exam scores show your mastery of subjects more than your HS grades in an AP course (I presume you have taken several AP courses and exams by now).</p>

<p>our school is kind of known as "hardworking/harsh."
but the college doesn't know that?
I am kinda depressed that my efforts look easy...</p>

<p>Poor grammar here doesn't showcase a great education.</p>

<p>I smell a troll.</p>