SAT 2 Chemistry Barrons Book

<p>Hi Collegeconfidential, </p>

<p>What is the difference between editions? I have only been able to acquire the 2009 edition (or the 8th edition, not sure). Do you think this will have outdated information? </p>

<p>I also have the Princeton Review 2012 Chemistry book, however.</p>

<p>Princeton Review's is much better than Barron's.
No, it won't be outdated, but PR is fuller and more understandable.</p>

<p>ColdFlame- I studied from Barrons for chemistry...and I just gave my SAT II on the 28th of January...and I found the test REALLY easy! But I heard Princetons the best so I don't know...I'd definitely recommend Barrons :)</p>