SAT 2 December Math 2 curve.

<p>I know there is another thread asking about the questions. What do you guys think the curve will be though? Was this test harder than normal or will we see the common 44 curve?</p>

<p>If it's a 44 curve I'll be upset. I know I think I missed 3 and omitted 3 (maybe 2). Oh well, I suppose I shouldn't get too greedy!</p>

<p>Based on what I have read, I think it's going to be around 43~44. The 'harder' questions didn't seem that difficult, maybe just slightly.</p>

<p>what would a 7skip and 2wrong be about?</p>

<p>^ Probably about 780.</p>

<p>I'm going to guess 770~780</p>

<p>i think its going to be 42-44. The BB tests were easy, this on was twice as hard.</p>

<p>@shahdin: Do realize this:</p>

<p>My friend got 800 on Barrons practice easily.</p>

<p>On the real test, he got 790. TWICE.</p>

<p>Yeah I missed three and probably omitted 3. So I'm mad. They weren't even hard, I just made two dumb mistakes and (in one case) read the question wrong.</p>

<p>Irritated. I got 36 math ACT and 800 Math SAT1. I wanted to complete the trifecta hahaha.</p>

<p>I don't expect a great curve, I think that is just wishful thinking on our part.</p>

<p>Of the four released official SAT Math IIC Subject Test Curves I have, the minimum Raw Scores for an 800 were 42, 43, 43 and 44 respectively (arranged chronologically from oldest to most recent). So I would say there is at least a decent chance that 42 or 43 will be an 800.</p>

<p>@ACTTester, what was the raw for a 770 on the on the 42 and both 43's?</p>

<p>On the "December 2010 Math 2" thread, the general consensus seems to be that this test was definitely on the hard side, and apparently December curves are usually more generous?</p>

@ACTTester, what was the raw for a 770 on the on the 42 and both 43's?


39, 40, 40, respectively.</p>

<p>I took a lot of practice tests leading into it and I felt like it was harder than all of them (including Barron's).</p>

<p>Hopefully there's a nice curve; I wound up omitting a lot.</p>

<p>Skipped 7 because of time constraints. Definitely got around 4 wrong, so around 38 is what I am looking at. That better be a 750+! :(</p>

<p>I think my raw is -7, maybe as high as -10. I pull mid 600s on sparknotes and Keplan's, a 790 on a Blue Book, thought this was the second easiest one I've taken (the Blue Book being the easier one).</p>

<p>Well I definitely missed 3. I'm beyond mad because I prepped well. I guess its my fault for waiting until the last test to take them because now I don't have another chance. If its a 43 I have a very slight chance of getting the elusive 800.</p>

<p>What would 6 omit and 1 wrong get me? what would just 6 omit get me?
& I was wondering if anyone knows the answer for the dinner for 120 people question. it was either 2400 or 2450.</p>

<p>I put 2400 for that question. (50 people was $21 each, 75 people was $20.66 each. It said that it was linear, so I assumed that 100 people would be $20.33 each, and then 125 be $20 each. $20 times 125 is 2400.)</p>

<p>I omitted 8 and definitely got three wrong (for failed reading). Hopefully this will still be high 700s, I've never taken the math subject test but I actually found this easier than the ACT/SATI math tests (I was just slow, but I thought that the questions were somewhat easier). Were they actually harder, or did I just do better because there was less geometry? (The dreaded class from 8th grade year and negligible review since then.)</p>

<p>The answer was 2450:</p>

<p>Use (y2-y1)/(x2-x1) to get y=20x+b. Now plug in a point to get b=50. Now, y=20(120)+50=2450.</p>

<p>omgosh i'm so do you think 7skip, 2 wrong will be about?</p>