SAT 2 Math Level 2 with Precalc skipped

<p>I know you probably don't like freshmen here... but I have a problem.</p>

<p>Since I skipped Precalc over the summer, I am now in AP Calc AB- which I love and do well in. The problem is while I did know all the trig and algebra on the SAT 2 Math, I don't really know the solid geom, probability, and sequences. I took a practice test and got a 670, which is not that surprising- I just guessed on a few questions.</p>

<p>So my question is, should I try to learn all the geom and other stuff over winter vaca and attempt the Jan SAT 2's while I still remember the alg/trig, or wait later, so I could learn everything at a slower pace, but having to relearn say some of the finer algebra skills.</p>

<p>Thanks, Dan</p>

<p>You’re a freshman? I would probably wait to take the test in your sophomore/junior year, and just learn everything at a slower pace and reviewing everything on the test. I’m not even certain that colleges look at test scores from freshman year (I could be wrong… I just don’t see too many freshmen taking SATs that often.)</p>

<p>well the problem if I wait till junior year is that I’ll forget all the trig, so I’ll have to relearn that</p>

<p>Yeah I know you probably like the feeling of taking calculus as a freshman, but even starting at algebra 2 as a freshman like I did hurt my PSAT, and SAT scores (at first). You get so far ahead that you forget all the stuff that you’d be tested on (and therefore what’s important to get into college). So Ii don’t know; I ended up with an 800 math and math II, but I don’t know how that’ll work for calculus as a freshman. You’ll probably be fine if you buy a review book and relearn most the stuff.</p>

<p>Good luck!</p>