Sat 2 Requirements

<p>A lot of top schools require 2 Sat 2 subject tests and i know competition for these kinds of schools would be tough. If i do really well on 2 subject tests (math 2c and us history) , would they not consider a bad sat 2 chem score, since they only require 2? Or should i consider retaking chem as well?</p>

<p>The usual statement by colleges that regard SAT II scores is that they consider your highest scores, so if you submit SAT II scores in more subjects than the number of tests required your colleges, they should USUALLY consider the scores from your higher tests. Check individual college requirements for issues such as whether you have to have tests from specified subject categories (e.g., math, science, humanities) or for any unusual rules a specific college may have. But, yes, usually if you are dissatisfied with a previous SAT II score, just take another SAT II test and get a higher score.</p>