SAT 2 writing QUESTION!

<p>From REAL SAT 2 writing ...</p>

<p>Q1. Yearning for a truly representative art form of the Americas, the art world of the 1920's looked hopefully to the three popular Mexican mural artists of the day.</p>

<p>Answer is no error. But isn't "looked hopefully" wrong? i thought "looked hopeful" was right..can anybody explain that?</p>

<p>Q2. Despite the attory's moving plea, the judge placed the juvenile offender on probation for an indecisive period.</p>

<p>Answer is "indecisive period" what is the right term instead of the "indecisive"?</p>

<p>umm..hopefully is an adverb describing's not what they looked like (which would be hopeful) but how they looked (hopefully)..i agree that's pretty confusing..but you can't look hopeful TO something..</p>

<p>umm i would say indefinite..indecisive is like an adjective describing a wishy washy person..i think..hope that helped</p>