Sat 2

<p>Since I am dreaming for HYP, should I retake my SAT 2's? I got a 630 on Bio M and 600 on World History. I think they're too low, especially since I thought I did well on them. Should I retake them? My letter grade in school for those classes wasn't too high (AP & I missed a lot of school b/c I was sick), and I wanted to prove myself via these tests but I just didn't study and look where it got me. Also, if I retake it, will it look stupid on my Apps? </p>

<p>I'm going to be a junior next year.</p>

<p>Yeah, if you're going for HYP then definitely retake it. You should aim for at least 700.</p>

<p>That's what I thought. I figure that I'll wait until I get my AP test scores, maybe? But I'll probably retake it the next time available. I just fear that it will look bad to take it again, but surely, if I do good on it, it won't matter? I don't know. Like I said, HYP is the goal.</p>

<p>Son (sophomore) got 690 on world history, his first SAT2. Is that any good? He's a straight A kid with an eye on the top schools.</p>

<p>^ He should aim for at least a 700 but many of the top applicants to the top schools get above 750.</p>

<p>Now I understand that he took the test without any studying or prep, and had not even taken a world history class. He was just going off what he learned in other classes, and took the test to get experience. He wanted to see what these tests are like before taking the PSAT and SAT. He will take at least 3 other subject SATs in the future. All things considered, I guess 690 is not bad at all.</p>

<p>Your S will likely be fine. D1 got two 690s as a fr due to extremely poor counseling at her HS who advised her to test much earlier than she should have. She later did very well in the SAT and two more SAT IIs and was accepted to highly selective colleges.</p>

He wanted to see what these tests are like before taking the PSAT and SAT.


<p>Just for reference for future test takers, this is not a particularly productive strategy since the PSAT/SAT are very different from SAT IIs. Do practice tests from the Blue Book and if you want a real time test situation, take the PSAT soph year.</p>