SAT - 2000, 800 Math 2 subject

<p>Hi! I want to get into UC Berkeley. My SAT is 2000 and I got 800 on math level 2. Should I retake the SAT. Where else can I apply with that score. My GPA UW is about 3.8, weighted about 4.1. I want to major in math or something like that. Thanks</p>

<p>depends on you extracurricular. they have to be stellar.</p>

<p>2011 admitted freshman profile from UC Berkeley
University</a> of California - Freshman admission profile</p>

High School GPA: 4.14
ACT Composite Score: 30
SAT Critical Reading: 674
SAT Mathematics: 707
SAT Writing: 692</p>

<p>You are about average for both gpa and test score. Just looking at numbers only (not rest of the package like essay, ec), you have an average chance.</p>

<p>It would increase your chance if you can bring up your gpa/test score. Writing great essays and having great ecs would help also.</p>