SAT:2000 to 2200

<p>Hi guys I am taking my first SAT I on Oct.My BB practice test scores are between 1960 and 2080;CR 590-620 , Math 750-800, writing 640-660 8 essay(assuming 8).
I took my first diagnostic test on June and it was 1560 ,so I am thinking that I could improve my score to 2200. I am not a native speaker;I have only learned English for like 5 years so I guess my writing is kinda awkward.
Anyways, this is what I did and used so far to get my score to around 2000.
-BB 5 practice test ( thoroughly revised each question after finishing each practice test in one seat)
-Silverturtle and sparknotes' writing guide
-Direct Hits 2010, 1000 SAT words
-read some classic novels
What should I do to further increase my score? Should I stick with this (BB practice test and reading classics) or should I buy new SAT book? I am planning to do Peterson's Master the SAT's 8 practice tests after finishing my BB.</p>

<p>get RocketReview Revolution to help ONLY writing section and critical reading
get Grammatix to help ONLY critical reading section (u can get it online for free)
get Grubers Complete Guide to help ONLY math section
^^MEMORIZE EVERY D**** thing in those books for the specified sections until you cant get any more information out of them
then once uve completed all three of those books use Princeton Review and Barrons for practice tests
THENN once your 5 weeks away from your real SAT start using old PSATs, BB 2, released old sats from college board website, and then FINALLY finish the remaining three BB tests.
you can do Petersons if u want but do it BEFORE you start doing collegeboard stuff so do it after PR and Barrons, or before
do this and ill say ur score will go to 2200 for sureeeeee</p>

<p>I think you should stick to what you have been doing, as it has brought you great results. Also, get more practice tests online, they are called QAS (question and solution/question answer solution)</p>

<p>WHy does everyone want grammatix so badly? Is it like uber helpful or something?</p>

WHy does everyone want grammatix so badly? Is it like uber helpful or something?


<p>I would like to know this as well.</p>

<p>So is Grammatix better for writing or CR?</p>

<p>what's so good about grammatix. I read a few pages and got bored.</p>

<p>^ it gives you really good strategies</p>

<p>i didn't even know that you didn't even have to read the whole passages in CR.</p>

<p>Does it actaully work.. I'm pretty skeptical about their strategy. I'll give it a shot sooner or later on one of the practice tests.</p>

<p>Yeah it works. Although, just to be safe, yuo could always just do the traditinoal way, and that is to practice by reading.</p>

<p>Reading the New York Times helps as most of the vocabulary and the writing structures it uses are similar to those of the SAT. I've been able to understand some CR passages now from doing at least 5 each day and additionally it helps when writing the essay.</p>