SAT 2016!

Because the 2016 SAT is on a 1600-point scale, the grading is naturally different than that of the current SAT. Is the conversion from the new score to the old score (and vice versa) linear?(E.g. multiply your “new” score by 1.5 to get roughly the score conversion for the old test. ) It is difficult to think in terms of the new test’s grading scale without knowing how it compares to the current SAT. My question is, what would be a 2300 equivalent on the new SAT? What would be a great score? Would a 750/800 score on the 2 sections be good? What does a 1500 equate?

Also, feel free to comment your general thoughts on the 2016 SAT!

Also, would you prefer taking the new SAT online or on paper? Does the online format give you immediate results?