SAT (2240) or ACT (34)

<p>Hi, I've asked this question in the SAT forum but I'd like to get some more opinions from people who are familiar with Ivy / Yale.</p>

<p>P.S. I already applied to Yale SCEA, but need to decide which scores to use for the schools which I can pick which one to send...</p>

<p><em>SAT (2240): superscored, two sittings</em></p>

<p>R: 780
M: 760
W: 650
E: 8</p>

<p>R: 700
M: 760
W: 700
E: 10</p>

<p><em>ACT: 34 Composite, one sitting</em>
Eng: 32
R: 36
M: 35
S: 34
E: not yet published</p>


<p>Looking at some of the score ranges, I feel like my 700 in writing is low for some Ivies, but my other scores are within the 25/75 gap.</p>

<p>On the other hand, my 34 is on the upper end of the 25/75 gap and for some reason it just "feels" higher, even though it converts lower... idk, this is tough.</p>

<p>Anyway, if I have the option to choose, should I send ACT/SAT/both? Or will it even matter? opinions appreciated. Obviously its too late for Yale.</p>

<p>Applying to: Yale (SCEA), Harvard, Princeton, Stanford, Dartmouth, Duke, Emory etc.</p>

<p>According to the concordance tables I see, the 34 is a higher score on conversion, not lower. These are all solid scores and you shouldn't be disadvantaged if you send the ACT or both.</p>

<p>2240 is at the low end of the conversion range for a 34:</p>

<p>ACT-SAT</a> Concordance</p>