SAT 2s for HYP

<p>hey, I went on to the websites of Harvard yale and princeton and they all want three SAT2s even with the new SAT. Can you'll put down which SAT 2s you'll are doing on this thread. Thanks</p>

<p>Well, I applied to Harvard and I'm attending this fall. </p>

<p>I took... don't be shocked:</p>

<p>World History, US History, Literature, Korean w/ Listening, Writing, Physics, Biology, Math IC and IIC.</p>

<p>This doesn't mean I got all 700+ though ;)</p>

<p>xjayz... all I can say is WOW.</p>

<p>Well, if you look at a certain website which has stats of applicants, my stuff is there. Hardly stellar. It's in my profile.</p>

<p>good God, in how many sittings did you do that and by the way congrats</p>

<p>would it be better to do Physics, IC and IIC or Physics, IIC and Chem?</p>

<p>Just choose those subjects you know you will do well in.</p>

<p>but do HYP want variety in the SAT2s or will these suffice?</p>

<p>Those will suffice. Go visit that website in my profile and look up previous years' applicants for schools you want to go to and the stats they had. That should give you a ballpark figure.</p>

<p>A think any will suffice, but most schools perfer variety and it will look better. Scoring 700+ iin a variety of subject areas looks best.</p>

<p>thanks a lot. and btw, are u by any chance doing Physics</p>

<p>DmCt is correct; however, don't kill yourself over the "variety."</p>

<p>Are Ivy's out of question with my 790 French 800 IIC and 650 Physics? Even if I retake physics? (not in AP yet)</p>

<p>xjayz, do you have some impressive extracurricular activites?</p>

<p>i have bio, phsyics, chem, math 2</p>

<p>so far i have bio760, chem800, math2 800.
i will get a 800 on physics with a few hours prep so i'll go for it too.</p>

<p>hopefully this will help?</p>

<p>My EC's are pretty good. IMHO. but if I retake physics and get 800 do I still have a chance at MIT?</p>

<p>Technically, you don't have to take anymore, tigeruppercut. But if you want, go ahead! Just know that even those absolutely stellar test scores don't mean you will gain admissions into HYP.</p>

<p>xjayz, if one gets about 2150 on the sat1 and about 750+ on the SAT2s, what sort of EC would one need to get HYP?</p>

<p>gkilla, definetly retake physics if you're looking at ivies. and don't worry, they normally only look at your highest score in any given subject</p>

<p>I have ...
Bio: 760
US: 760
IIC: 800</p>

<p>w/ a 2250 sat
Should i retake physics if i can get it up 760 or is it not necessary?</p>