sat 2s-how do colleges look at them?

i want to know how colleges look at SAT 2s? for example if i get a 740 for writing thats like a 97 percentile but for 2c thats like 85 percent. sooo is getting a 740 in writing or 740 math 2c (for example) better?

<p>colleges wont see the percentile, but they know the general trend
so if they see a 740 writing and a 740 math, they'll know that it was somehwat easier to get a 740 on the math than on the writing</p>

<p>personally, i dont think they should be comparing u to ppl anyways. i mean if the test itself is standarized, then why the heck do they care wut other ppl get? a 740 math shows u know enought to do very well on the math2c exam and it shudnt matter what other students get</p>

<p>It is not easier to get 740 in math. The percentile is like that because only students that are strong in math are taking math IIc test, whereas pretty much everybody has to take writing. The same way 800 in Korean is 70% - that's because only native speakers take it, so 30% of them get the perfect score, not because the test is easy.
The numbers are what counts, not the percentiles.</p>

<p>Question-wise, it is definitely easier to get a 740 in math. You can miss something like seven questions (out of fifty or so) and get an 800 or a 790.</p>