SAT 2's-Scoring discrepancy-Scores delayed

<p>Anyone have any experience with taking the SAT 2's and having the proctor insist you use a different answer sheet for your third subject test which causes a scoring discrepancy alert which in turn delays your scores? My son took the SAT 2's on May 1st and dealing with the College Board this past week has been a nightmare! They are telling me now, that due to quality control measures, his answer sheets have to be merged manually and it will take 3-4 more weeks before his scores are available. There were a lot of complaints about this proctor but most of the students were only taking one subject test. He had hoped to have his scores in time to decide which tests to retake on June 5th.</p>

<p>another unlucky person here. i tried in vain to check my SAT II score for several days.
it says : The system is unable to load the information due to system error. Please try again later.
wonder how long i have to wait...</p>