SAT 2's

<p>How much do the SAT II scores affect admission decisions at Stanford? I heard that if you have high writing or math 2c scores, that the adcoms look at them as almost replacing SAT I scores. (I got 690V and 720M, but 800 writing and 790 math 2c.) But I've also heard that most places use the II's solely for placement...which one is right?</p>


<p>well, it definitely counts a lot for admission, or they wouldn't have STRONGLY recommended it (it's also capitalized on their website).</p>

<p>According to one of the admissions officers I met with over the summer, they don't seem to consider any standardized test scores to be ultra-important. However, he DID say that they'll consider writing and math SAT II scores over SAT I scores if they're better.</p>

<p>I heard that if your Writing score is higher then Verbal, they count the Writing one, and the same goes for SAT II math. If it is actually so, it will help you A LOT.</p>

<p>yeah, that would be AWESOME! but is there any way to find out exactly what the policy is, or how the SAT II's would convert to an SAT I score (cause it seems like people score a lot higher on the SAT IIs)? They wouldn't just look at my score as if it were a 1590 would they? Not that I can do anything now after that's all submitted, but I'm just curious.</p>

<p>anyone know for sure?</p>

<p>i went to a stanford seminar and the admissions person said if you do well on your sat II's then that could "bump up your sat I scores".</p>

<p>Seriously? Then I would have a 1520 (780 Math SAT I, 740 Writing). Awesome!</p>

<p>hey me too! i would get a 40 point increase...... from a 1480 (720 verbal/760 math) to a 1520 (720 verbal/writing, 800 math iic). Maybe they'll take into account my 790 Bio M too....</p>

<p>Haha, I hope so! I only have 1480 for regular SAT Is, but if its 2s, i have a 1600 then =P.</p>

<p>i highly doubt that the whole "SAT 2 replace SAT 1" thing is actually an official policy...i suspect its just something that is subjectively taken into account by the admissions office...</p>

<p>in any case, i would have an improvement of all of 20 points: 1580 --->1600</p>