sat 2s???

<p>does middlebury require sat 2s? </p>

<p>can i apply with just sat 1 scores?</p>

<p>Last year, at least, Midd had a flexible testing policy. You must submit one of the following: (1) SAT; (2) ACT; or, (3) three SAT IIs in different areas. My son was told that by requiring "different areas" Midd prefers that the three subject tests NOT be, for instance, all humanities, all sciences, or all quantitative reasoning. He was given an example of Math, Physics, and Chemistry as three tests that were too much alike (i.e., all quantiative). </p>

<p>My son submitted one foreign language, one history, and one science, which worked for him.</p>

<p>You do not need SAT2s. My S didn't send any SATs to Midd, just the ACT, and he is an incoming freshman.</p>