SAT, 3 tries looked down upon?

<p>Are three attempts on the SAT looked down on?</p>

<p>Not really. There is no reason to look down upon it unless scores did not improve.</p>

<p>no 3 times are the recommended max but I know of someone who took it 7 times yes 7 times but he's now at princeton. So I say take it as many times as u want to without going overboard or dropping your score significantly from time to time</p>

<p>dunkaroo..waht were that kids scores? and 7 times. jeebis didnt he have to take satIIS?</p>

<p>Yale frowns on you if you take it more than twice</p>

<p>Dunkaroo, are you talking about Jake R.? I think he took 6 times though, but is now at princeton (scored 1540 on the highest and 1170 on the lowest i believe)
I am taking mine for the 5th time for a 1450+ in Nov, currently 1400 from 1130 :)
GL everyone :)</p>

<p>Newby, you are inspirational.</p>

<p>My first score from Oct. '04 was a 1240. I want to get a 1400, at least.</p>

<p>I see there is hope. I think I can easily raise my verbal from a 580 to a 650+ by not answering all the questions.</p>

don't listen to that crap. Answer as many as you can even if you have to GUESS!!!!!
i listen to that crap on my first test and got a 460v and this time, i guessed all the questions and got a 600v. so try not to listen to that!!! GL :)</p>