SAT 4th Time??

<p>I got my score for oct which was 2030 and i want UC berkeley. With pressure for my parents i registered for the 4th time to take the dec sat hoping to raise my score to 2150+ range.</p>

<p>Especially for the UC system, is taking the Sat 4 times too much? Some said 3-4 is optimal and some said anything over 3 is bad.</p>

<p>well, this one person i know got into berkeley with 2130? and that was his fourth time.. so im guessing they dont really care</p>

<p>4 is ok... but dont overdo it. i know someone who took it 8 times. that says to colleges you are insecure</p>

<p>no you can take the sats as many times as you want, UCs will only consider the top score. it does not matter even if you take it 9 times, they will only take your top score in one sitting and disregard the rest of your scores.</p>

<p>this comes directly from a uc san diego admission officer by the way. </p>

<p>taking the sat as many as you want will not affect your admission chances. do not listen to what other people say. i know i am right.</p>

<p>i'm going off on a tangent, but, what's usually the avg. SAT score for UC Berkeley? would over 2150 be okay?</p>

<p>the "average" SAT is a 2010ish but thats not taking into account the sat scores of football/basketball players and the other sports players as well. So if you have a 4.17 GPA weighted so prlly around a 3.9 unweighted academic (counting the grades of only math, science, foreign language, uc approved, history, English) then a 2100 should be fine. Anything lower then a 4.17, with a 2200 you should be competitive.</p>

<p>I think weighted GPA is so subjective; it's not even possible to get a 4.17 weighted at my school. The maximum obtainable is only 4.12 weighted after seven semesters.</p>