SAT a third time? or ACT a first time?

Hi all,

I recently got my results for the June SAT and I got a 1740 (CR:540 M:640 W:560). This is my second time doing the SAT; I got a 1670 the first time I did it.

Frankly, I didn’t prepare at all for either of the tests and hence why I got the above scores. I am struggling to decide whether I should prepare for the October SAT over the next three months and I really mean prepare this time, or should I just scrap it altogether and prepare for the ACT. I’m currently in Grade 12, so I’ll be applying for Uni at around the same time. My aim is to finish these tests before November, so I can finish off my SAT IIs and then apply.

Does anyone have any advice on what I should do over the summer? A structured plan would really allow me to prepare effectively for the SAT.

Thanks in advance!

I strongly urge you to try the ACT. At least take a practice test and see how you do.

I was in the same position as you, except I had never taken an SAT. My PSAT scores had all been horrific, equivalent to what would be a 1600 or 1700 SAT. I was studying for the SAT when I got tired and decided to give the ACT a try.

I scored a 30 on my ACT, which is much better than what would have been a 1700 on my SAT.

Again, I strongly urge you to try the ACT. Buy the official ACT study guide and try a practice test. If you don’t wanna get the book, at least try a practice test online and see how you do.

You’ve taken the SAT 2 times already, and both times you haven’t done as well as you want to. Give the practice ACT a try, and if you don’t like it then go back to preparing for the ACT. If it seems much easier, its time to prepare for the ACT!

I thought the SAT was going to be the one test I was going to focus on until I took a practice ACT test which felt so much better than the SAT. I ended up doing much better on the ACT than the SAT. I was hesitant and closeminded at first but I’m glad I opened up my mind to try it out.

Wow I’m glad someone is in the same situation I’m in!!! I took the SAT in December 2014 and got 1790(M-640, CR-550, WR-600). I took it again in June 2015 and my score dropped to 1760(M-610, CR-540, WR-610)…I 'm so disappointed with my June scores that I’ve almost given up on the SAT although I’ve registered for the October test(Registration was free cuz the messed up our June scores)… I have zero knowledge about the ACT but would really love to take it before I take my October SAT… I don’t really know where to start :frowning: I’m sooo confused right now :frowning: … I’m also in 12th grade and I would like to apply to a few colleges before Nov.

try the ACT. i took the SATs twice and then decided to try the ACT. i went into it with absolutely no preparation whatsoever and got a 31, which i did not expect at all. maybe you’ll realize you’re good at the ACT!

I took the SAT three times with barely any improvement. I took the ACT twice and noticed a huge improvement!! Honestly, I liked the ACT more and did much better on it. Get the Princeton Review ACT prep book and read through the whole thing, including highlighting and taking notes in a notebook. Do a little bit of a section each day (like 20 mins), then end with a practice test (Princeton Review has 5). Try this:
Monday – English
Tuesday – Math
Wednesday – Reading
Thursday – Science
Friday – Practice test
Weekend – Relax :slight_smile:
In my preparation I followed a routine similar to this. After each practice test I would note what I got wrong and why I got it wrong, then focused on that material the next week. Try emailing an ACT tutor or English teacher for tips–they’ll have some good ones! When doing practice tests, work easy questions first and guess on hard ones, then go back to the ones you guessed on. Also, be sure to never, ever, ever skip a question on the ACT!! Having a 1/4 chance on getting a question right is better than no chance. Good luck!

Definitely try the ACT–I know many people who consistently received 17-1800’s on SAT’s, but got in the 34-36 range on the ACT. Obviously there are books and courses to prepare for the ACT, but it’s an achievement-based exam so you’ve already had 12 years of preparation from just being in school. I personally found it much easier to prepare for as well.

Thanks for the advice guys! I’m going to attempt the ACT in September.