SAT/ACT consistency

I wanted to ask about my test scores. I am an International applicant and I applied to colleges in the US last year but couldn’t make it to any college, though I got into a couple of colleges but the financial aid/scholarships were not in my affordability range. I had a wonderful essay, even better activities, and straight A*s and As O’level and A’level. But when I tried my luck with the SAT and ACT I was pretty consistent in that xD. I appeared in 3 SAT1s and 2ACTs and my scores were:
SAT June 2016 : 1250 (700 Maths + 550 English)
SAT Oct 2016 : 1250 (700 Maths + 550 English)
SAT Dec 2016 : 1250 (700 Maths +550 English)
ACT Dec 2016: 28
ACT June 2017: 28

I am looking forward to taking a gap year and apply again but I am not sure if I can go against the odds and get over my consistency.
So I just wanted to ask for any possible tips and suggestions on improving my scores and possibilities of studying in the States.
Moreover, can anyone tell me that if I apply to SO-CALLED “TEST OPTIONAL” colleges in Early Decision with a budget of around 30k p.A, is there any chance or should I look for possibilities in Europe or Canada where test scores are not required?

P.S: I don’t know but somehow a paradox of studying in the US is all over my mind and whenever I think of possibilities other than the US, even in a top ranked European university I don’t feel confident whereas studying in a 40+ ranked liberal arts, I feel comfortable. Maybe it’s because I am very confident of my major yet?