SAT/ACT GPA needed to possibly get in?

This school is our reach school for MT bc of the academics… What are the numbers to shoot for?

Found info online at collegeapps sorry I do not know how to delete this thread.

The common data set probably has the most accurate information:

See page 8 & 9

I think they take about 100 kids for theater and the competitive MT track takes much fewer, and not until after the’ve been in school a while. That’s what I remember from two years ago when we looked.

I’ve also been told from someone somewhat familiar with the school that they may relax academic standards a tad for theater students applying ED. Take that for what it’s worth. That’s advice I got from a Chicago area parent observing acceptance patterns in her community.

Thank you @arwarw

You’re welcome @Joyfulmama. NU is an excellent choice IMO. On another recent thread
@jbeansmom asked for theater schools comparable to NU, and after much thought I was really at a loss to offer her suggestions.

BFA schools are a different animal from NU, and theatre BA programs that are academically comparable to NU like for example Yale and Brown seem to lack the depth, breadth and structure of theatre practicum courses that NU offers.

However, I think going to NU in hopes of the MT certificate is risky. From their web site:

Best of luck to your daughter! (or son?)

Great discussion! A few thoughts to add.

If the program is interesting to you (and in my opinion it is unmatched for kids who want a balance of strong academics, top notch performance training and a powerful alumni network) and if you have reasonably strong stats, I wouldn’t be deterred from applying by the common data set. This is for two reasons. First - you have a 0% chance of being admitted if you don’t apply (of course you also have a 0% chance of being rejected, but true MT kids can’t ever think that way :slight_smile: ). Second, if all that NU admissions looked for was the kids with top stats, the incoming classes could easily be filled only with Valedictorians with perfect grades and test scores (they get plenty of those applicants), yet that’s not who they select. Admissions uses a holistic evaluation process, and for all you know you may be EXACTLY who they are looking for!

Our D didn’t see it this way at all for a number of reasons (NU was her #1 choice so she applied ED). Most importantly, she had done her research and knew she could get virtually all of the MT training, and audition for all of the shows on campus, without enrolling in the MT Certificate program. Even before applying she realized it really didn’t matter much whether or not she was admitted to the Certificate program. Beyond that, she figured that if she didn’t get in to the MT Certificate it would mean her classmates were crazy talented, and she knows she learns a lot from working with talented peers.

My version of the above statement would be…

In my experience, all of the kids who are admitted to the MT Certificate program were also admitted to great BFA programs or easily would have been if they had chosen to audition (~50% are admitted ED before BFA audition season), and no single kid will EVER be the star of NU’s program. So I agree that choosing NU as an “easy” way in to MT training probably isn’t wise.

Good luck in your school choices. Exciting times ahead!!

@MomCares Great input as always! Thank you!! When her monologue coach heard she wanted to try for NU, the coach said “if you get in, dont even apply or audition anywhere else!” Her stats are strong but prob not strong enough but she will apply anyway. Sounds like a great program! Wish for me, I could move it to NY though!!

joyfulmama - if you live in NY area, NU is great because it’s a quick 1 1/2 - 2 hour flight with about three flights an hour. Much better than driving 3 or 4 hours each way to get your kid and fairly inexpensive too so visiting is not so hard either. Good luck!

@amtc that is very true! We are looking at a couple that would be longer commute. She is my third, so my baby, so anything not here seems far lol!!

I feel you. Both of our kids ended up at NU, and both love it so much they’ve opted to stay for summers as well. It’s a 4-5 hour flight from here and honestly I miss them every day but am so excited to see the many ways they’re growing from the great opportunities and challenges the school is giving them. College is such an exciting and formative time!