SAT/ACT in College Admissions

You know how they say the SAT/ACT are supposed to be “equalizers”? I feel like they are not being viewed as highly which is unfair because people study so hard and raise their scores, only to see that people with lower scores who only took the test once are getting into the schools of their choice (I know colleges look at other factors but I feel like it’s happening with more students than what I would expect). It’s pretty contradictory in my opinion…Like why put so much emphasis when in the end the difference between a 28 vs. 31 becomes meaningless because of other factors in the application…

I wouldn’t say that the difference between a 28-31 is meaningless at all. The student with the 31 must have been lacking in a significant, if not the rest, of the portions of the application. I do agree though that there is no difference between a 35-36 or 31-30. 34, 33 , and 32 seem to stand by themselves.

Read the Common Data Set for each school to see what they use in admission. Some solely use GPA and scores. Sounds like you might prefer that kind of school more.