Sat/act math

Hi! I’m an international student so I haven’t taken any maths in secondary education nor any science-based subjects as I choose the humanities degree. I would like to apply to some U.S unis and am wondering if this could disadvantage my application (I wish to study philosophy)? Also, I know this year SAT/ACT tests are not required but if I was to take them do I need to take both sections even though I didn’t have maths or would it be possible to take only the EBRW section? Thank you! xx

In the US to complete your HS diploma you are required to complete at least 3 and more and more states are requiring 4 years of math. Science is similar with 3 years of lab sciences. Where do you live? I assume this is a common path for students in your country, I would suggest looking to see what people who have graduated from your school in Humanities have been able to do for college.