SAT/ACT Score reports arriving past REA due date?

<p>I totally didn't realize until now that I didn't have College Board or the ACT send my official score reports to Stanford. I just sent both reports with a rush order, is it okay if they recieve my official score reports just a few days after the REA deadline? If it's not okay, what should I do? I'm really worried, so if anyone of you can help it'd be greatly appreciated!</p>

<p>It depends on the school, but usually the colleges are fine about the test scores coming in a little after the deadline. The only thing that must have been submitted by the deadline was the application and writing supplement. I think you will be okay, especially since you rushed the scores. If you are paranoid, call admissions and tell them your scores are on the way. More than likely, if the college needed the scores and still did not receive them by the time they actually started reviewing the applications, then admissions would probably give you a call and ask where they are.</p>

<p>You self-reported your scores anyway. They have the info. You’re fine.</p>

<p>I don’t think Stanford needs to receive everything by the deadline. They will notify you what is missing a couple weeks after the deadline.</p>