SAT/ACT scores with application??????

<p>If I want to do early decision or early application when I apply to college do I have to submit my scores at the same time???</p>

<p>Hi there again. I am aiming for a full scholarship and I just want to know if i will get a chance of getting a full scholarship, if they will hand it out even if they don't have my scores.</p>

<p>For early decision or early action, the timing of scores should be checked with the particular colleges but usually if they have a November application deadline date, they will accept scores through the October test date even if they arrive after the application date and a number of those accept November scores at least for SAT IIs. </p>

<p>For scholarships, the timing of the scores is often the same as the timing for applying to the college, i.e., it can arrive somewhat after the app deadline date and that includes after the date for regular admission applications because scholarships are often not doled out until they make all their admission decisions. However, you need to check that with the college because there are some who want you to apply to the college and get in test scores (even for regular decision) before Nov 1 if you want to qualify for a scholarship. Information you need is usually found on the college's website.</p>