SAT/ACT submission questions

<p>So my plan with the ACT was to take it in September before applications, and not submit it if it was lower than my SAT score equivalent. My question is, that if I don't do well on the ACT, do I have to submit my scores to any colleges? I will be submitting my SAT scores, but what do I do on the commonapp/supplements when they ask "Have you taken the ACT?" I have to list the scores? </p>

<p>Also my SAT superscore breakdown is cr/m/w: 710/770/800
What ACT scores are good enough to submit with my SAT I score, if I choose to?</p>

<p>Thanks for any responses.</p>


<p>Bump. Want to know this aswell</p>

<p> question is if my ACT score ends up not being good, do I have to list it on common app or give it to any schools, since I already completed the SAT and subject tests?</p>