SAT/ACT tests

<p>My son is a junior this year. Will it be too late for him to take his SAT/SAT subject tests and ACT in June through September of 2010? We have registered him for Jan. and Feb.2010 dates for SAT and ACT. However he will be busy with Academic decathlon and debate tournaments and I am wondering if we can postpone his tests?</p>

<p>no it would be too late the latest is probaly 2010 dec or jan 2011</p>

<p>Funnypunjabi, do you mean it will not be too late!! He will start applying in Dec.2010. I am asking about his taking the tests in June through Sept. 2010, 3-6 months before applying!</p>

<p>yes it will not be too late, if is applying for dec 2010,</p>