SAT/ACT vs Math Subject Tests

I’m preparing to take the SAT Math 1 Subject Test right now - hopefully I’ll be able to take it this fall. As I continue to develop my math skills, I’m wondering how difficult the Math 2 and math section of the SAT/ACT are, compared to the Math 1 test. I’m taking Precalc next school year so what would be the recommended order to take the Math 2 test and SAT?


I would recommend taking the math level 2 exam right after taking precalculus, because it is mostly on precalculus and does not cover calculus.

I am unable to address the Math 1 subject test as my kids did not take it. For the SAT math section, my daughter took it after Algebra II (before precal) and had no issues. For the Math 2 subject test, 100% agree with @sattut that it should be taken after precal. Take it that cycle (May or June) before you start Calculus and forget some of the basic concepts. Good luck!

Like you, my son plans to take the math 1 test in the fall (has an August 29th admission ticket). He finished algebra 2 last week. He will be taking pre-calc next academic year and so he will take the math 2 test when he is done with pre-calc. In his case taking math 1 is a chance to get a high score (hopefully) but is also a chance to get exposed to taking a math subject test. He had planned to take the test June 6 but that test date was cancelled. Good luck to you preperaring for the test!

@Sam-I-Am @ThinkOn @sattut : Thanks all for the advice. It was very helpful!

I would suggest taking math level 2 after your pre-cal class. With the Covid, you might need to get extra help if your school is not going to meet in-person. I used Kahn Academy and Beestar for my SAT math. Good luck.

@jdsusu - Thanks for the advice. That is definitely my plan now.