SAT advice

<p>Don't even study for the SAT. If you are smart enough naturally to make a 2100+, your score will not matter. College admissions is ridiculous. Good schools expect every student to be an all-star athlete, the class president and fluent in multiple languages. They won't care that you are smarter than these people. So if you aren't willing to go all the way and spend every minute of your life conning the admissions office at <em>insert prestigious school here</em> into accepting you, then it's not worth it to stress about the SAT. If you are just a guy who likes to have fun with his friends, who likes to play a round or two of disc golf, who likes to watch his local football team, you have no chance. It doesn't really matter how smart you are, unless you spend every waking moment trying to prove your intelligence to the world. It won't matter if you get a 2200 on your SAT.. If you aren't the president of x number of clubs or a tennis phenom, you won't be given the opportunity to pursue higher learning at those nice colleges that you want to attend. </p>

<p>Just accept your fate and go to a state school.
That is, unless your parents are they type to push you into trying to become the president of 6 organizations you care little to nothing about..</p>

<p>That is very true. I am aiming for a 2300 on the SAT, and I am in the top tenth of my class without trying. My first choice school is not an IVY, because I don't have much respect for most of them. They represent the epitome of a flawed educational system. One in which the brightest minds don't get an opportunity, but the ones who make their name known on fleeting realities. IE...your athleticism will wear away as you age, you are the president of a club for maybe a year, about 1.2% of you life, and all that volunteer work you did, it wasn't even out of your heart. As of late, it isn't about intelligence or hard work, it is about being a "try hard", or an actor, or an athlete. It's funny how the few schools who truly characterize on intelligence (MIT, U OF CHICAGO) are the ones that get made fun of the most when they deserve it the least.</p>


<p>I do have to agree that college admissions can be dehumanizing and demoralizing/....</p>