SAT and ACT for International Student.

Hello! I´m interested in studying in the U.S. I know that one of the test I have to take is either SAT or ACT. In my country there aren´t many courses to prepare them because anyone is interested in taking them.
That´s why I´d like to know which of them has more online resources and I´d really appreciate if you can tell me which are those webpages/online courses/etcetera.
Thank you very much!

I took the SAT and there were so many resources for that on the website ‘khan academy’ - i found it really useful :slight_smile: I’m not too sure about the ACT though. You might want to take a practice test of each or just do a few sample questions from each test to see which is better suited to you and make a decision based on that.

Thank you very much @emmacharlotte. Did you find another free website to prepare your exam?