SAT and ACT scores

<p>Is an applicant required to submit the scores from any SAT and ACT tests taken? In other words, if an applicant scores much better on the SAT compared to the ACT, do the SAT scores have to be submitted on the application or by the guidance counselor? Hope not!</p>

<p>"Required" is not the issue:</p>

<p>Every college of any rank accepts either SAT or ACT (some do not even require a test score) so you can choose to submit one but not the other, BUT</p>

<li><p>If the college requires SAT II scores in addition to SAT or ACT, you may still have to submit those II scores. The College Board, the agency that sends out your official SAT scores, follows a rule that if you request any SAT or SAT II score to be sent to a college, it automatically sends every SAT and SAT II score it has on file for you. Thus, if you have to send IIs, that SAT score will be sent.</p></li>
<li><p>There is also an issue of your high school transcript. Many high schools put all your test scores on your official transcript. Thus, your SAT score could be sent that way even if you don't order it sent by the College Board. However, that should be checked with your school, including checking as to whether a score can be omitted from the transcript if you request.</p></li>

<p>Nevertheless, you are dealing with an issue of little concern. If you send both scores, ACT and SAT, colleges will rely on for admission that one they believe is the higher score, so having one not so good score won't hurt you.</p>