SAT and ACT.. Send both or no? Retake maybe?

<p>Ok SAT
October 09
700 CR
690 W</p>


<p>December 09
630 CR
790 M
770 W</p>


<p>Superscore = 2270</p>

<p>ACT June 10</p>

<p>35 English
34 Math
33 Reading
36 Science</p>

<p>35 Composite, idk about writing, yet.</p>

<p>SAT subject
Math iic 770
Literature 670
Korean 780 (I am korean, but it was not my first language)</p>

<p>I'm looking to apply to the Ivy leagues, UC berk, Ucla UCSD, Im a cal resident.</p>

<p>So as you can see, my ACT is a lot better than my SAT.
Should I show my SAT? or no? will it matter?
and should I maybe retake my SAT?</p>

<p>since u r a cal resident nd got so great scores so i dont c any necessity retaking the tests. U can send both sat nd act scores...they r both glorious nd wont do any harm but good.
Well...u r korean and u say that ur mother tongue is not it depends on what kind of daily language u speak:1.u speak it jus at home to ur parents nd for most of time, u jus speak english. 2.u speak it more often in ur daily life,nd it plays a major role in ur social life.
3.u dont speak this language at all neither at home or outside,u jus hav learned it.
if u dont belong to the third situation...then i do think that u should take another SAT subject test.(since ur applying to the ivy
Nd i can give an example.
One of my friends she is French, nd at the age of twelve she moved to Germany.she speaks her mother tongue everyday both at home nd during the school time.She took both German and french SAT2 subject tests....nd scored super high...however...some of the top colleges replied her saying that both results of the two tests can not be considered. so is this. lol</p>

<p>Hope that u can get in ur dream school !</p>

<p>Thank you for the reply :)</p>