SAT and AP Scores...

<p>I am just a little bit confused on this thing, so when colleges look at your applications are they going to be able to see ALL of the tests you've taken and the scores as well? Uh, what I am trying to say is that I think there's something called the "Best Scores" or something, not too sure how that works so please help?? Also the AP tests and scores can you just put the ones you want in the application or are they going to be able to see it all (like do you HAVE to put some scores down even if you don't want to...?)
If there are additional information on regard of these things please share them too...</p>

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<p>The truth is that in the Common Application, there is a slot for about 7 things (for SAT I, II, AP's). Thus, I put 1 SAT score, 2 SAT II scores, and rest AP's. I took more AP's than the number of slots, but the rest of them I didn't do too well (3's and one of them below a 3). Depending on the school, they might or might not see all of your SAT scores. But for AP's, they tend to not be able to look at the scores except the ones you want displayed.</p>

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<p>For Harvard, I remember that as long as you send in the SAT scores via score report, the admission office will receive it and it'll show up on your online application portal. So if you want to maximize the seven slots, this may be an option: no need to report additional subject test scores on the common app so you can save the spots for APs, include them instead in your score report.</p>

<p>JimmyKudo, score policies vary from college to college. For score reporting, colleges like Harvard ask that you note your standardized test scores in the common app, and then verify those scores with an official score report sent through collegeboard. So there're two parts to how colleges treat your scores: how they allow score reporting, and how they will use your scores. </p>

<p>Score reporting: some schools allow Score Choice, others do not. Score choice is an option from collegeboard that allows you to only send in the scores you select to colleges.
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<p>Score use practices: when colleges receive your scores, they can either use the highest section from across all test dates, highest test dates, or some other combination.
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<p>The scores you are required to display to a college depends on the policy of the school. So you can selectively choose to disclose the SAT scores depending on the policy.</p>

<p>Harvard only requires disclosure of your best scores.</p>


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