SAT and GPA <-- how do ivies use them?

<p>Ok, so I have a 1410 for the M and V section of my SAT. It would be better if it was like 710 M and 700 V but my score is actually 770 M and 640 V. The verbal is a little below the ranges of most Ivies, but the total is still 1410. How is that going to hurt me?</p>

<p>And second, when you turn in the School Report/ MidYear Report to guidance couselours, for the Ivies, how do they calculate your GPA to put on the couselor recom. form? Is it your GPA from all years divided by 4 or is it just your GPA from junior year?</p>


<p>It's your GPA from all 4 years. They also look to see if you have shown improvement throughout your 4 years in high school. Just apply, don't worry how they use them, you can't manipulate the system that much so that it will chance your chances that much</p>

<p>hey, about what you said about it calculating your gpa from all four years. I am currently a sophomore right now, with about a 3.8 with tons of really good EC's (mainly athletics), and cornell is my DREAM school. The thing is last year in gr. 9 I had major depression. This obviously had an affect on my grades, and i somehow managed to scrape away a 73% average, will this affect my chance at all? I mean, i do have a ligitimate reason, and it was definitely a life changing experience. I was thinking about writing an essay about it and how it ultimately helped me learn more about myself and the benefits that have come from it. I'm just worried that the ONE year i screwed up will have an overall affect on my future. Is this so?</p>

<p>73 is a low score but I think you should definitely write about it and show you are not embarassed about this life changing experience. As long as your grades in grade 10 & 11 are much higher and consistent I think you're fine. You should try to do well on the SAT's.</p>