SAT Attempts and Reading prep suggestions

High school senior with a question, sorry if any repetitions. Hoping to get some help and thanks for your time.

Can anyone with experience share insight on multiple SAT attempts. Do colleges have the ability to see the number of attempts on SAT and also the scores on each or can I limit to the best of all?
What are the repercussions if any of taking 3rd or 4th attempts if in case the score there is not better than prior ones
Is it true that the last or 4th attempt is the deal or the one taken either way?
Any best sources to prepare for the reading improvement in a short time, after having gone through khan academy for prior attempts?
going over college apps and senior year and tryin to decide between priorities :slight_smile:

Most don’t see any - because you self report the highest sections and most superscore. Not all.

Some will ask to see all - Georgetown comes to mind. And some, but a small percentage, make you send it in now vs. self report and send in only if you plan to enroll.

My kid took the ACT 6 times. The repercussion was - none - the last time he got $4K more in merit (an auto table school).

In most cases taking it more can only help and not hurt. It’s just a question of time, money - and at what point is it too much. In my son’s case it was too much -but it worked.

You might want to switch to the ACT - and for either, there are other online programs and books (Barrons, etc.) that can also prep you. There are also in person classes - not cheap or private tutors - I think we paid $90 an hour.

Is your score near where you want it to be? After a while, it’s hard to raise it although you never know. Sometimes it’s just an easier or easier for you test on that day.

Good luck.

Some HSs put all attempts and scores on their transcripts so double check with your GC.

It depends on your current score if it’s worth taking again.

This! What is your current score. It might not be a good use of your time as a HS senior to continue to retake. It might be a better use if your time to do other things on your application like great essays. You should also be looking at colleges where your have a decent chance of acceptance with the schores you have. Or go test optional if you find schools with that option.

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