SAT Based Scholarships

<p>I'm sending in my SAT scores to a few of my back up colleges right now (because they aren't good enough for my top picks) and I'd like to send them in for some SAT Based scholarships if there are any out there for someone with scores like mine.
CR: 630
Math: 620
Writing: 790
Composite: 2040
I'm also an african american female if that's any factor. I know my math scores are awful, but I want to be a writer so I think my writing score is what's most important! Thanks for any help!!</p>

<p>What is your gpa ? Schools will want to look at both gpa and scores. Most schools do not consider writing for scholarship consideration. </p>

<p>If you want to be a writer, your Critical Reading score should also be high. I’d retake. </p>

<p>most merit is based on the math + cr score…most do not use the W score at all.</p>

<p>you have a 1250…there are some HBCUs that might give large merit for it.</p>

<p>Are you implying that you have a higher ACT? What are the top schools getting?</p>

<p>Other threads indicate the OP is considering applying Early to Harvard and/or Yale (but Arent they SCEA?).</p>

<p>My opinion…even as a URM, these SAT CR/Math scores would make these two schools a huge reach.</p>

<p>Also, these schools don’t give merit aid at all. Sabrina…do you qualify for need based aid?</p>

<p>@BrownParent my ACT was 31 but I’m retaking it this June, trying for a 33. </p>

<p>@thumper1 I know those schools are huge reaches based on my SAT scores, that’s why I’m sending my ACT scores. And I wasn’t looking to get scholarships from the schools, rather from independent organizations because I know Harvard doesn’t give out merit based scholarships. I can probably get some need based aid but not enough to cover all of my tuition, however my parents are giving me $0.00 whether I go to community college or an Ivy League so I need to get money from anywhere and everywhere! </p>

<p>Also my GPA unweighted is 4.0, weighted 4.6. I have okay extracurriculars, volunteer regularly, and work for a magazine. But I’m just wondering if I can send my SAT scores into any scholarship organizations (independent of my top choice schools). Thanks!</p>

<p>4.0 / 1250 (2040) should get a decent number of scholarships from
<a href=“”></a>
Note: 1250 SAT CR+M is typically like 27 or 28 ACT, while a 2040 SAT CR+M+W is typically like a 30 or 31 ACT – if a school specifies a scholarship in ACT terms, check how it converts SAT scores.</p>

<p>I’m baffled why you don’t want to use the stronger number for scholarships. I haven’t heard of scholarships given for just SAT scores. If your parents really won’t contribute anything, you’d better apply to some automatic full ride places.</p>

<p>Oh, didn’t notice the 31 ACT you mention later. That (combined with your 4.0 GPA) gets you a better selection of scholarships from <a href=“”></a> . 32 or 33 ACT would be even better.</p>