Sat bio

<p>Hello there.</p>

<p>I would like to take the Bio SAT II subject test but am lost as to what book I should get :o</p>

<p>I have only taken honors Biology at my school but it was extremely extensive (we studied out of the same book AP did but we did not go into as much detail.</p>

<p>So what prep book would you suggest?</p>

<p>Thanks a ton!</p>

<p>I would suggest Cliffnotes/Barrons</p>

<p>Thanks! (10char)</p>

<p>Barrons/CliffnotesAP/PR/AP Bio book worked really well for me.</p>

<p>@andrew I have the entire summer so would you think it is beneficial for me to read them all?</p>

<p>Go for it, it won't be just for SAT 2 Bio either, you can use your soon to be extensive knowledge of biology for science bowl and biology olympiad in addition :D</p>