SAT Blue Book Writing Help

<p>Hey, Mariolee here! So, on my quest to achieve 2400 on the SATs, I have hit a bit of a stumble. I took section 6 of the first practice test in the Blue Book, and I have two questions.</p>

<p>Out of all of the 35 questions, I missed four:
24 and 27 because they were both no errors.
29 because I overlooked something obvious.
And finally 32</p>

<p>I have a few questions:
1. How can you tell when there are no errors easily? I mean, obviously when you can't find an error then you would have to suspect no error, but I don't always feel confident about myself and feel as if there MUST be an error. There are simply more than I thought there would be.</p>

<li>How is (E) in Question 32 a better sentence than either (B) or (D)?</li>


<p>B is confusing and no one talks like that. I think D is a bit redundant as it states both "unlike" and "not found". E establishes the clearest contrast between castles and palaces.</p>

<p>And over time you will build the "no error" instinct. It's good not to doubt it usually. Everone hates the "no errors" :)</p>